Donald Trump and The Age of Masterful Deception
Ezinne Ukoha

More whining from progressives.It is like living next to an airport and listening to the jet aircraft take off. Trump didn’t lie.The media and Clinton’s Democrats did. Just because someone has a different doesn’t mean they are lying. Progressives andwant an investigation in to election fraud then they should start with Clintons fraud, as admitted by the DNC, in the primaries. Then move on to the allegations of hacking of Georgian state electoral system, which state electoral officials claim was traced back to the federal department of homeland security.George “Mr 37,500,000,000" Soros funded there democrats yet these same demented baboons complain about Trump who largely funded his own campaign. Not forgetting Clinton’s Democrats funding from Wall Street and the banks. Same baboons who helped give the world the GFC.