One Man’s Snake Oil
Sand Farnia

It took me a while, but eventually I saw the light.

The self help guys mostly do just that. They help themselves.

The only idea they peddle, and eventually you WILL see that, is that people are gullible, mostly in dire survival mode, really looking for help, and that their last few dollars before they die, should somehow flow to you.

For the same reason I do not appreciate gamble. Gamble for the rich is a pasttime. Keep them motivated to earn more, promote their image, whatever. Maybe a “cheap” thrill. But for others it is a promise of a way out of survival, or even just to get to survival. And they are not warned that it is just a way of colelcting from many and giving to a few, and someone gets paid to faciliate that, and the thrill has no value to them.

So snake oil peddlers will be around. And they are helping themselves. And they will help some others, but they will never help everyone. Their methods cannot apply to everyone. It is simple. If we all write selfhelp, then who will earn to pay for it. Money has to come from somewhere outside of the selfhelp industry.

Here is how selfhelp works: Prey on the gullible, and the needy. Promise them positive outcome. Now give them a method they cannot possibly complete: You have to decide what you want! But it should not be the outcome, i.e. the money, rather the success. Success in what? That is what the person was struggling with in the first place. And nobody can help with that. So it is not the Selfhelp guys problem if they person cannot decide this. His method would have worked if only.. Thanks for paying me just enough, the price set such that it must be worth something, but not so much that the gullible cannot afford it. (Why pay $10,000 for a proper education if $178 can buy you true happiness.)

And they all just build on Napolean Hill.. Who build on BS he colelcted apparently from the GREATS when Social Media could not kill him.

And FORBES.. Those advertisers of how to make money with just trading money. It is nothing more than Gamble. Just moving money from many to few.

What would have been more useful is if there is a geniune push to get people to do real things, things that create something physical or service, but in the end it creates many jobs and real sustainable wealth for MANY.

We are all searching for happiness, and we aal believe wealth will bring that happiness, and Self Help prey on that. That is that.

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