deleted part of my life…

A person came and a friend gain

Understanding match and timing set

Secrets shared between us and closeness between us

This is all what I just beard that time

And it is all the deleted part of my life.

Don’t know how the harness came and we fought for

I’m maintaining a distance and failed to kept

Holding all this mistreat, we stayed together,

For the urge I sacrificed my happiness and wishes

This is all what I kept up that point

And it is the deleted part of my life.

Spending time together is becoming vulnerable now,

I’m scared to going out alone and it been haunting,

Suffering from rudeness forgot all happiness,

Way I tortured is like I’m just nearer to death,

Keeping power and kicking him out like hell;

This is all what I kept it in my heart

And it is now deleted from my life.