Kaytra (almost ending of march)

“I’m so scared he’s gunna fall out of love with me!” Kopano said to her shadow. Her shadow cocked her head. Questionably even thought you could not see her expression clouded in misidentity. “You know what he said to me? I’m sleeping on the couch and he’s sneaking out to go home. And as he kisses my cheek, he says ‘One day.’ One day. One day he’ll get to sleep with me. Who would ever? I’m scared one day he won’t want that day to come.”

Kaytra was careless. She ran the streets of Chicago, scooter in summer, parka in winter, letterman in fall. She was cold, inside and out heat was a foreign concept except for the sweat in the crease of her thighs. Often wrapped around other people. Kaytra was careful. Her carelessness didn’t ruin her reputation, her family, her fathers’ title. She was rich, and gay (in both ways). But her eyes were always sleepy, her gaze always low, her smile always a shadow. Gone as quick as the sun came. Kaytra loved Tommy like a brother father mother but he was not family. He ate her food and she provided him comfort and a home in a heart only fit for her [Tommy]. “He came by today.” They [Tommy] said. “I know,” replied Kaytra sucking on a red lollipop, “I told him to come over.” “But you didn’t answer the door? You know how weird it is seeing another male in your silk robe?” “No,” said Kaytra eyes attached to a screen. “He loves you or something?” “I think so,” speculated Kaytra. “Damn,” said Tommy.

Kaytra was cold and attached. She have him knock the door, she’d pull aside the curtain, panic, and pull back. He’d ring the doorbell and she’d wring her hands. He thought she was beautiful. He missed her in summer, in green smoke filled cars. Sitting on his lap and plotting a family. Fogging up the windows and her paranoia of rolling them down (“But what if they hear me screaming your name? Then they’d knoooow you have good dick.” She’d say). She was gone. Kaytra had disappeared replaced with anxiety and denial. Fear, self-worthlessness. But when she called he always showed up at her door.

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