Don’t be ugly, be?

Currently, I am a MBA student at ECU with a focus in Marketing. This campaign idea came across me when I was driving from VA to NC and listening to NPR. I also had some inspiration from a great marketing book called The Adweek Copywriting Handbook by Joseph Sugarman.

The above slogan is designed to create controversy. The phrase “Don’t be ugly” is a common term used in the South meant to tell someone to not be mean. This slogan would best be applied to a fashion brand, preferably a growing fashion brand. The advertising behind the slogan has to be designed to identify the internal beauty of their customers instead of the customer’s outer beauty. If it isn’t, then the people who made complaints are in the right instead of the wrong and this is where the idea has it’s strength. Although, even with the design many people will see the controversial slogan “Don’t be ugly, be?” as hatred towards non-attractive people. Reporters, bloggers, and many other public news sites will seize their opportunity to create headline news. They’ll ask for interviews with the CEO and they all should be denied until a formal interview can be conducted after a certain period of time, thus building suspense.

The interview will be a public apology with the intentions to keep “be ?” in the campaign slogan. The trick is to tell the public, “we are sorry for the misunderstanding, our slogan was designed to talk about inner beauty because that is how we view our customers.” “Although, because there was a massive misunderstanding I’d like or announce a change in campaign slogan.” It will simply be changed to “be ?.” This way people who view the company will sympathize, probably express a little guilt, and they will want to “be ?.” An example of the situation is when people would express “Be Kosher.” Many people were saying it and not really understanding the true meaning and everyone wanted to “ Be Kosher” because of how catchy the phrase was. Imagine if a brand had a strong enough following where people would say, “Be Prada,” “Be Nike,” “Be Adidas,” and so on. The slogan would greatly differentiate the brand from their competition. Also, it’s natural for people to not want to be left out which will create more customers.

Sometimes the best advertising campaigns are simple ones. I believe that this could potentially be an amazing campaign.