Graphics by K.O. Productions Media Graphics Department.

From releasing Diamond Johnson’s first single on iTunes “Don’t Ever Give Up” to creating LifeTime Inspirations App Theme Music — K.O.Productions Media has a music department that continues to evolve! Both a recording studio and a special effects studio, music and media go hand-in-hand in the music department.

Pretty soon, K.O. Productions Media will be releasing a full series of new music by recording artist Diamond Johnson in 2019. The series will include remixes of “Don’t Ever Give Up” plus brand new EPs she and the team will be working on. This project will start August 31, 2018. From then, Diamond Johnson and the Music Production Team will introduce behind-the-scenes work on the K.O. Productions Media SoundCloud ( and Instagram ( Pre-Orders for the singles and EPs will begin in Mid-December on the blog site.