It isn’t just a coincidence that the slide into apostasy started by rejecting Christian beliefs and…
John Siegrist

You claim that acceptance of liberal views inevitably leads one to atheism. Does the continued existence of liberal Christians not contradict this? Or do you claim that all liberal Christians will inevitably become atheists?

You also suggest that people who leave Christianity were not Christian to begin with. Yet, Raven clearly reflects on her old position as one involving the existence of God, the reality of heaven and hell, an understanding of Jesus as Lord, and a duty to share the gospel; rooted in principles she believed to be Biblical. Do you claim she is lying about her past beliefs?

It seems strange to me that you’d forward either of these claims — even more so that you’d forward them both at once. Is it that Raven had a belief washed away by continually accepted falsehoods, or is it that she had no belief at all? You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

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