We all love food,

As we said, we all love food. The journey with food changes our lifestyle from living to eat to eat to live. To transform in a vegan is directly means ignoring the factory food, but before that we have to get some knowledge about the benefits of healthy vegan diet. The proper diet is necessary for blend the vegan diet with macrobiotic. So we have to know difference between the unhealthy and healthy food.

Some key approaches to our food:-
• As much as possible we try to eat whole grain food, including brown rice (short grains is best)
• Avoid processed food, one main reason is that it contain MSG. MSG includes by various names like spices textured yeast exact vegetable proteins, natural flavour and many more.
• Eat nutritious food like sweet potato, broccoli, and kelp. Accept the whole grain food as much as possible because they done their job nicely in matter of good health.

There are many powerful health benefits behind the vegan diet. There are many misunderstanding about nutrition of vegan diet. It contains lot of calcium, protein, iron, from beans and vegetables they provide almost everything you need for healthy life. Vegan is multivitamin so it is good to take. It can be eat with variety, like eat vegetables with variety of colour. Vegan is very useful in heart disease and diabetes. Stay healthy is also necessary in our life.

Korean vegan diet is luckily naturally healthy. There is lots of variety of veggies so you can get easy and healthy mills like you can make tasty soup, salad, vegetable curry with rice which is nutritious, healthy and yummy!!!

We above describe our path to become healthy not to become vegan because we did not see any great impact on our health to become vegetarian, but other than it increases the energy level. It helps to free from allergies which some time happen due to eat non-veg and processed food. By reducing meat intake, and the amount of veggies, fruits and grain should be increased it provide you a healthier lifestyle.

Health is the big reason to start your journey with healthy diet. So for that here some healthy list of Korean food recipes for you that keeps you healthy and fit.
Jeongol (Hot Pots)- Dubu Jeongol
Spring Greens Bibimbap