Hello, My names Kenny. My story started on October 2nd, 1999 at 11:34 p.m., when I was born along side my brother, Drew and sister, Jackie. My family also includes my older brother PJ, my mother and my father. Early on in life, I discovered that I enjoyed to build and destroy things out of legos. This carried on to aid me. In middle school, I joined the Lincoln Middle School First Lego Leauge robotics club. In that program, I consistently competed up to the state level, and once, in 7th grade, I competed with the top teams in the world. I have never been an athletic person, but I have played hockey and volleyball.

I chose “Humble and Kind” by Tim McGraw. I like this song a lot because it has a warm feeling and reminds me of who I want to be.

This is me at 9:00 on Thursday trying to figure out a song on my guitar. I purchased it a few weeks ago and I am attempting to learn it.

One man I admire is Johnny Cash. I admire him because he started out as a farm boy and turned is life into something that affected so many people. Whenever somebody talks about him, they usually say how great of a man he was.

Another person I admire is Brett Favre. I admire his will to keep going. He is known for taking the hardest hits and getting back up. He's a guy who you cant keep down.

A guy who I admire a lot is George Lucas. When he was creating the Star Wars movies, He didn’t have all the technology he needed. Instead of quitting the movies, he made and developed the technology he needed.

This is a 1970 Dodge Challenger. My dream is to have a collection of my favorite dodge and plymouth muscle cars. The 1970 challenger was the gateway car to this dream.

First I chose coke because when I think of america, I think of people enjoying this drink and having a good time.

I choose this picture because I see america as a fun place to live and grow in as a family.

I choose this picture because it symbolizes the freedoms we have here that not many others enjoy, and it represents the people who defend us.

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