Routine Feedback in the Face of Difficulties

Familiarity makes for honest discussion.

Holiday traditions. Daily commutes. Childhood meals.

The certainty and familiarity of these events make us comfortable.

What if we could add work meetings to this list? What if we could add conversations with our managers and employees to the list of things that are comfortable for us?

What if feedback wasn’t sporadic, jarring, and unfamiliar?

For steady growth, and meaningful production, we need routine feedback. We need to ask for it, and give it — regularly.

I made you a nice graph. It outlines how regularly you should have these times of feedback in relation to the amount of difficulties you’re facing.

As times get harder, conversation must increase. When water starts boiling, talk it out: with your coworkers, with your employees, with your managers, and with your customers. Notice the line never goes to zero feedback.

It would be great if the feedback in desperate times was uninhibited. Familiarity would really help that out.

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