Starting With Tools and Questions

Making orientation and training more conducive for innovation.

We are finishing up training this week at the coffee shop I work at.

In reflection, I wish I would have done more of what I suggest in the title. Typically, training looks like this:

  1. This is what we do.
  2. This is how we do it.
  3. Show me you understand.

What would it look like to start with the resources we’ve been given, and begin asking what to do with them?

“Here’s good coffee, a machine, some scales, etc.”

“Here’s a counter, bar seating, porcelain mugs, easels for signs, etc.”

“Now, what can we do?”

It would have been nice to have a fresh perspective on what to do with what we’ve got. It may have taken longer to get everyone on the same page, but you wouldn’t be left with drones for employees. If only there was a way to un-tell people what to do, and how to do it.

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