Story as a Motivator

If you’re story’s good enough, I’ll work for you for free.

Like many, my first job was in fast food. For me, I worked here simply to make money. I would clock in, do my work, talk with co-workers, then leave. Money in the bank. There was no reason for me to do any more work than I needed to, except maybe to get a promotion to make more money. There was no motivator, no inspiration, no grand plot development… no story.

Most people’s dream jobs are so appealing to them because they’ve been hooked by the story of the work. Other jobs are maybe not as interesting because they don’t know the stories of those industries: the big players, the histories, the rises and falls in the grand plot of [insert industry here]. If there’s story, there can be meaning. If there’s meaning, there’s passion regardless of compensation.

I speak from experience when I say a good story can take someone from zero to hero in excitement about work. They’ll go above and beyond the job description, and they won't expect to be rewarded.

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