💔I quit living in self pitty.. 
💔I quit fear..
💔I quit hate.. 
💔I quit self loathing.. 
💔I quit being unsatisfied.. 
💔I quit negative self talk.

I Started living in gratitude.started to love, recieve love, & TO BE WORTHY! I started Loving myself, legit loving myself. I started thanking God for my burdens and actually welcome my burdens because I know that behind them are BIGGER blessings.

Listen, I battled with addiction, well less of a battle.. addiction won for 10 years. I lost my oldest daughter and it all went way down hill from there. I was homeless multiple times and longer than i care to admit. I’m not talking about couch hopping. I was straight up living on the streets and at shelters on occasion if I could score before they Stop letting people in. I was going to detox centers because it was too cold to live outside and at least there I got food and a warm place to sleep so I didn’t die, which also was a very real probability.

I had no purpose, no drive, I gave up on myself way too early because I had been conditioned to believe that life did not matter, that I had no purpose other than to work, raise a family, and die.
I thought i was living it up.. I thought i was free.. I was stuck in a prison of the conditioned mind.
I was angry and broken.

By the grace of God I got too sick to live that way anymore and ended up in the hospital with about an hour left before certain death in June 2013 and spent until October 2013 in the Hospital. I moved to Texas to live with my dad after that. Needless to say, my life changed a great deal but it still wasn’t good enough. I went Three more long and excruciating years with this mindset, struggling to find peace and happiness in all my angst.

Then I finally realized that I wanted more so I joined a company that I had no idea would change my life so drastically.

I was an atheist until I joined It Works. 
I was completely unable to go forward with my life the way it was, my heart was in a million pieces. About 3 months ago God stepped in and revealed Himself to me, those cracks were were he entered from. In that breakdown he showed me what my life was meant to looked like. He gave me a vehicle for my family, he showed me a vision of a legacy that I would literally work every second of my waking life for, that I would DIE for, and he showed me that same vision for you and your family too.

Right now, in this moment, God is aligning our paths. if you are reading this far.. I am speaking to you: Quit telling yourself no, Quit doubting yourself. You are made from God and anything is possible through him.

Live the life you were meant to live.. Work for it! If you knew you could not fail, what would you do? Figure out the answer to this question, stop what you’re doing now and do that instead. Its your purpose, you will not fail unless you quit.
Many ppl in this life have tried to save me. I am not going to do that for you, it never worked for me and it wont work for you. 
No one can save you, you have to want it bad enough that when you think of the probability that you will make it it makes you cry.

Mine is bringing my oldest daughter back home to be with my husband, her 2 year old sister and her mommy. (The depth is in the YouTube video up top)

Success is not just going to be handed to you, you have got to be prepared for it. You’ve got to devorce all these negatives.
DIVORCE the struggle and start living in your PURPOSE.

I have given up on so many things in my life, but i will NEVER again quit believing in myself.
If you are making an effort, a real effort I will never give up on you.
I will never quit believing that you are more capable of living your dream than you know and living a life you never thought was possible.

This wrap.. the thing that everyone is afraid of trying because someone told them it doesn’t work or that it didn’t work for them.. 
First of all.. someone told me this hair dye didn’t work for them and now my hair has been green for weeks!
Secondly it does work.. its insane and magical and its changing peoples lives!
It is a gateway. A gateway for hope for the future.

All of these jobs that people are working.. all of these jobs are going to be replaced by robots.. and I’m going to be over here practically giving away access to healthy lifestyle, freedom, fun, and friendship in times of despair and hopelessness. Network marketing is the future and if you cant see that you are blind. Lets just talk about this job anyway for a second. This job you have, you know the one you spend all your time at to pay for stuff you never get to use or enjoy because you’re spending all your time trying to make money to pay for the stuff you never get to use or enjoy because you are always at this job that you feel like you have got to have because you need to barely cling on to the things you have that you never get to enjoy because you're always at this job…. see where I’m going.

There is a better way.

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Dive In and Worry about How Later

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