Ready Or Not, It’s FINALLY May! ☀️

Are you fired up for summer?! 😎I know I am!

Planning trips to the beach🏖, water parks🎢, planning to float the river🚣‍♀️, planing to go to the lake and cook🌭🍔 out and have a couple beers🍻 with best friends and family?

It all sounds and is so exciting, especially that part when I get to go shopping for my👙swimsuit. I rush into Academy, and I find it! “This one is perfect.. And this one.. ohhh and this one is so cute… I wonder what size I need🤔 let’s try medium first.” Then I’ll anxiously rush over to the dressing room, take off all my clothes facing away from the mirror because you know, I want to make sure it’s a surprise when I see how amazing I look in my bikini this year and…

BUT What about my New Years resolution?! I know I made one… had to have lost some weight 😤

If this sounds like you, STOP BEATING YOURSELF UP!

Life happens, food happens, and crash diets are unrealistic! I ❤️ food, who doesn’t!? Luckily there is a solution and it comes in all kinds of beautiful easy to use forms!

We have developed a system to get you back on track and a way to still enjoy the food and events you live without having to worry about if it’s gonna stick to your thighs or if the muffin is gonna be a little over the top in the morning!


It’s as easy as that!

It’s just a couple more weeks before you are heading off to the weekend that you’ve been waiting for all winter! Beach time with your girlfriends, or with your family and you are terrified of all the “cute” photos you’re going to be in!

Are you going to be the girl in the tee-shirt?

Step ☝️

Order The System Here

Wrap every 3 days with That Crazy Wrap Thing (4 applications)

Remove toxins and replenish your system wit It Works! Cleanse 2 days every month.

Reboot every day when you fire up metabolism and boost energy with Ultimate ThermoFit and Greens Berry. Shake it all up with the It Works! Blender Bottle!

All for less than you spend at Starbucks everyday!

Step ✌️

Add Fat Fighters to your 🛒cart here for the meals and drinks that are less than conducive to your new and improved summer body. Fat Fighters cut those diet killing cravings and help your body absorb less of the carbs and less of the fats after you’ve eaten them!

Now that you took action and have your Summer Plan Set Up the next thing to do is to 📲txt me! 972–529–8755

I want to know 3️ Things:

  1. What is your ultimate goal❓(How much do you want to lose? what size do you want to shrink to?)
  2. WHY❓
  3. What has been holding you back from reaching theses goals❓

Go ahead.. pick up the 📱 phone! I’m not here to judge you! I was 204 pounds and a size 14 and at my heaviest! I did it and you can too!

This before photo is post pregnancy after i started losing weight. No, I don’t have any pics heavier because I refused to be seen.. yes.. it was that bad for me.

When I started gaining a little weight, like I said before because life happens, I started using the system and I am so happy I did!

This is just ONE MONTH!

Imagine the possibilities for you too!

All you have to do now is pick 3 of the 5 lifestyle changes below:

  • Drink 8 glasses of water a day.
  • Take 10,000 steps a day.
  • No more sugary drinks.
  • No more fried foods.
  • No more white foods.

Ok so do you have your 3? You don’t have to do all 5 right away but I know that the farther into it you go, the less and less we crave these bad foods and more and more we want to treat our bodies like sacred temples!

Leave a comment and tell me your 3!

Here’s the fun part! Once you’re in, you are going to get an all access pass to my Fit Summer Body Facebook group where you will have meal planning and prepping tips, workout ideas, constant help and support, and a growing community of new friends that are on the same path! Plus so many chances to win free products and 💰 cash prizes for the best transformation every month!

Who’s excited⁉️ I know I am❗️

See you on the other side ✌️