In this screen cast I am showing WebService Performance monitoring with CURL;

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WLSDM: Oracle WebLogic WebService Performance Montoring with CURL
  1. Deploy HelloWaitWebService application to your WebLogic domain (supports 11g and 12c)

Download and Deploy:

2. Download these files to your machine


3. Check soap-request-hwait.xml request XML file. The input field waitSecond is the time that you want to webservice respond.

We are pleased to announce that WLSDM 3.7.1 and WL-OPC 1.2.0 products are now common available for download on page.

In this WLSDM/WL-OPC release pack, Oracle Fusion Middleware (FMW) System Component health dashboard available and offers monitoring all Oracle FMW 12c product stack.

Oracle Documentation: OPMN is no longer used in Oracle Fusion Middleware. Instead, system components are managed by the WebLogic Management Framework, which includes WLST, Node Manager and pack and unpack

WLSDM and WL-OPC offers a complete Oracle FMW product stack monitoring infrastructure for your FMW domains and their system components and instances (formerly OPMN processes).

Monitoring below Oracle FMW products’ WebLogic domains are not a big deal for WLSDM and WL-OPC users. You do not need to write any WLST scripts while “Monitoring the Status of Components Using the Command Line”. …


M.Fevzi Korkutata

CTO / Principal Middleware Consultant (Oracle ACE) at Volthread

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