a little SPACE

This is a small place in the city of Lubercy, where “aliens” live. 
Each sculpture is unique and funny. Many people come to see them and have a good time.
~Space walk~

Actually, we do not have many sights in the city. And more often than not, they are only in the center of the city. But sometimes you want to have a good time, without spending much energy and money getting to the right place.


Therefore, so that people could rest without going too far from home, they decided to make such a small place “the arrival of the aliens”.

an unexpected meeting \(о_о)/

The whole production has 8 sculptures of “little men” and a UFOs :) Everything can be touched and examined, photographed and laughed with friends or loved ones. We went with my girlfriend and had a great time. You can see it in some photos :)

SeeCRet meSSaGeeE

If you ever go by this city and you want to rest, be sure to visit this place.

It will be fun ;)