Alexandr Burganov

The style of Alexander Burganov is unusual and interesting.
The way he transmits the form, creates unique images and conveys 
his message doesn’t leave anyone indifferent. He is the one who was at the junction of many directions, but still could find his own unique style while maintaining the essence of Romanticism.

sculpture “Mail”
One of my favorite works of Burganov is “Letter”. For me, it perfectly illustrates the whole essence of people’s communication through messages or letters. The letter instead of the head shows that the author puts all his thoughts into this little conference. A hand is how a person wants to reach the addressee and share with him their emotions and experiences. So simple, but at the same time, how much sense.

I visited the place created by Alexander himself “Burganov’s House”.
Here is the bulk of his works, as well as the sculptures of his children and comrades. The works collected in this place amaze and captivate the spirit. Everyone can find something for themselves. The most striking impression I got from those sculptures that are presented here.

Sculpture without a name. 
So simple and at the same time interesting work. I can feel all the experiences of this person, through how much he had to go through and how much to endure, how tired he is … But we do not even see a face. Its just not there! Is not it tripping? Transmit emotions and history, relying only on a certain force.

Burganov attracts the viewer not only with the sculpture, but also with its location. Many works stand on the street or hang on the ceiling, others are almost part of the building. Burganov used all the space given to him, without leaving a piece without attention. It’s not just individual sculptures or paintings, it’s a whole complex, a single huge work of art, where everything stands in its place. Because of this, an incredible feeling arises, as if you are a part of this place.

Sculpture without a name. 
In this sculpture I see an image of the inner world of man. It shows how diverse each of us is. How many different directions get along inside. And what is really important is the inner world, and not how you are wealthy, successful or beautiful outside.

The exhibition really captures. Therefore, if you have the opportunity, be sure to visit this place. Everyone will be able to ask “what did that mean in this work”? This is the place that really can not only immerse you in beauty, but will make you think about many things.

sculpture “Soul”
The name of the sculpture “Soul” perfectly conveys the meaning invested in it. 
We see that the girl’s face is open before us. She does not hesitate to show her inner world. But we understand .. that it is devastated. The palm on the chest with a red ribbon shows the wound that has not yet healed. And the soul, though it is open, is empty. It’s like she was taken away from everything and feelings and emotions ..
I see this sculpture so and you?