Cat cafe is a place where you can have a cup of tea or coffee, play video games, read books … And cuddle cute fluffy cats!

For the first time this summer I visited a place like cat cafe. Also was in delight! Lovely cats meet you from the very threshold and stay with you until you leave :)

Each animal has its own character and each needs its own approach. No one to you will not jump to his knees with purring right away. But if you get to know them, get used to each other and find a common language that communication will succeed! How did you think? Everything is like people :)

But you can understand them .. After all, all animals are taken from the shelter. They had to pass through many things … Someone was thrown out of the house, someone suffered from human hands, someone from the very birth fought for life in search of shelter and food.

And so .. after so much pain and suffering they were here. Where again they can feel safe. Where there is no hunger. Where there is love and affection. Of course, not all cats are so lucky.

However, you can change this. If you liked one of them, you can take it to yourself! Thus, helping animals to buy their real home again. And start a new .. good story in the life of these animals.

Do not be indifferent! 
Take care and love your animals. And help those who do not have their own home.