“One of the specific features of Russia which should be realized first is its immensity. It seems to us that Moscow is far from Western Europe but practically it is situated quite close to the western border of Russia. The geographical center of the country is rather Novosibirsk especially Siberia occupies almost the whole eastern part of it. Everything in Russia is wide-ranging: geography, history, passions, emotions, tragedies. This immensity is in the basis of the understanding the God in Russia, which emphasizes His majesty and reverence evoked by Him. Any other understanding of the divine wouldn’t find a response in a country with such a large scale. Similarly, everything here tends to magnitude emotionally. For people, brought-up in a reserved western culture, Dostoevsky’s characters seem monstrous, ridiculous eccentrics, but the writer claimed that they meet the reality. Few of those who lived in Russia began to argue with it.
Russia has a centuries-old history, which is pride for it. The country had become Christian before America was found, that is why messianic claims distinctly appear in its self-sentiment. They were really notable in the era of Marxism when Russia, was sure in its national selectness, was giving the absolute truth to the world. Although these claims have a long history, and its beginning is in the known prophecy that Moscow became the successor of the divine mission which had been belonged to Rome then Byzantium: “Two Romes have fallen, the third stands, and there will be no fourth”. So, a man who came to Russia first time will act wisely if he has sincere respect to this country.”
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