The Family Meadow by John Updike

“Somehow, as the first wave of appetite subsides, the long tables turn musical, and a murmur rises to the blank sky, a cackle rendered harmonious by a remote singleness of ancestor; a kind of fabric is woven and hung, a tapestry of the family fortunes, the threads of which include milkmen, ministers, mailmen, bankruptcy, death by war, death by automobile, insanity. Never far from a farm or the memory of a farm, the family has hovered in honorable obscurity, between poverty and wealth, between jail and high office. Real-state deal¬ers, school-teachers, veterinarians are its noblemen; butchers, electricians, door-to-door salesmen its yeomen. Protestant, teetotalling, and undaring, ironically virtuous and mildly proud, it has added to America’s statistics without altering their meaning. Whence, then, this strange joy?”

Like in any family reunion there are a lot of relatives and the table is full of delicious food. It’s usual when after the first wave of appetite people start talking about everything. They share some news or even gossip. They are eager to tell to each other what has happened in their lives since the last reunion. On the one hand it happens because they don’t have other entertainments, they get together only for discussing something. On the other hand it’s a very cozy atmosphere when the whole family get together even a pregnant woman even a lady after seven strokes. It makes people to be proud to be a part of such a big family. The most important thing you have in life is your family. It supports you in any case. Even when teens are not happy to spend their time with adults later they will understand that it is the best time. People don’t live forever and such meeting like family reunion is a good thing to communicate with all your relatives and don’t feel lonely.

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