OnePlus 3 Support Nightmare (on-going) Part II

Here is the first part of the story —

After that story, an Administrator on Reddit contacted me to ask my Ticket number, but this was it. I never got a reply or anything else. Great way to waste time and make your customers feel worthless.

Somehow the repair service was the fastest I have seen. It took only a week for the phone to travel 2000km to the service centre and back to me, plus the phone was repaired as well. It was a faulty motherboard which was replaced.

But here all the positive stops…

The package that I received was battered and smudged. At first I thought that It may have been UPS’s fault, but that was not the case, because inside there were issues as well.

Smudged and battered as hell package…
Smudged charger
Ripped informational sticker glue lines and scratches

I sent a mint condition package to the repair service and this is what I received back. I have paid for this product and now I really do not want it, because I do not even know if it is my phone anymore. It is not the same product I paid for. I have only used it a few days and I got it back, like it was used for a couple of years.

This is unacceptable.

The phone itself seems to be working currently, but now my phone does not find any updates and I am stuck with the faulty OxygenOS 3.1.3 version. I have used a VPN to connect to a German server and try to do the update. I have even used a lot of other servers from other countries. Nothing.

So at this point I am not sure if the phone works or not, because the last time the issues started with the 3.2.1 update.

Basically, 2 months have passed and I still have a factory reset phone, which I can not update and it is now battered and smudged as well, like it was repaired by a car mechanic.

Someone from OnePlus, who has authority, contact me and lets settle this thing with a refund, so we can part ways.

I would really appreciate if you could share this story in Social Media and recommend it on Medium to raise awareness and also in the hopes that this all will end on a positive note.

Never settle.