Before getting your hands dirty

Engineering for Testability

iOS Unit Testing and UI Testing Tutorial

Stylish Developers Guide to Unit Testing in Swift

TDD in Xcode Playgrounds

The complete guide to Network Unit Testing in Swift

Testing iOS Apps

Singleton, Service Locator and tests in iOS

Let’s make some more cool stuff!

Testing an Untested App

Common unit testing techniques on iOS

Test Doubles In Swift

Waiting in XCTest

Cracking the Tests for Core Data

Xcode unit tests with ⌘+S

Something you must know

Time traveling in Swift unit tests

Reducing flakiness in Swift tests

Tests that don’t crash

Testing and mocking without OCMock

Making Mock Objects More Useful

More life saver

Using protocol compositon for dependency injection

iOS Cookies — The Testing Section

And Arek Holko shows you how to save your life with a simple trick. :)




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