What You See Is All There Is — not only a cognitive bias but a basis of our new reality

What You See Is All There Is — one of the cognitive biases explained in Daniel Kahneman’s “Thinking, Fast and Slow.” It is not only the bias but one of the phenomena defining our world. Look at my day. I wake up, and during breakfast, I read something — an…

How money is (not) the highest motivation factor of all. With examples from the Game of Thrones

They said that money is not the biggest motivation for performance. And it is not. But it is behind many strong motivators; hence it is a crucial component. Below I will talk about setting up your performance measurement system right and which Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) you can use in…


OKR, KPI, MBO: How to manage Night Watch by objectives and what about Project Metrics for Battle of the Blackwater project

KPI, OKR, MBO, etc. Managers seem to like 3-letter abbreviations. Let’s make them easy to remember. So, what is a Key Performance Indicator (KPI)? KPI’s have been here for ages, and they are just about setting up quantifiable parameters and measuring those. It can be used as objectives for organization…


Face challenges analyzing corporate data, and tired of huge Excel files? Get them addressed with a simple Jupyter notebook

Created together with Dmytro Karabash


You’re a boss now. You have a team or a business unit doing consultancy. Probably a bunch of Consultants helping clients, some Project Managers leading your projects in a nice Agile or whatever way. Everyone fills their timesheets (and you cut their bonuses if they…

Maxim Korotkov

Leader of a multi-national consultancy team in FinTech. Converging Management and Data Science to improve performance.

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