3 Books You Have to Read Now

L to R: You Are a Badass, Freak Show, The Defining Decade.

One of the joys that I receive from reading books comes from recommending them to my friends and others on the internet. Because honestly, what is knowledge if you can’t share it or help someone else?

Even though I love self-help books, I’m all about reading books that aren’t necessarily of the self-help genre to expand my horizons and gain even more insight.

Since I LOVE sharing, I thought I would do a series of posts with books that I have read and what I gained from them. I will eventually get to post all of my books, but for now I just chose three random titles.

  1. You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero

“You Are a Badass” is probably my holy grail for self-help. I have read and purchased this book twice, and I will probably read it for a third time in the near future. Keep a highlighter nearby when you read this book because the quotables and notables are plenty.

My main takeaway from this book is that you can have anything that you want as long as you love and believe in yourself. Self-doubt and fear are only illusions and once you get past them? *Cues up “New Level” by A$AP Ferg*

2. The Defining Decade by Meg Jay, PhD

I purchased this book a year ago after I graduated from college and needed some direction. Dr. Jay lays out how the decade of your 20’s is a very transformative period that sets the trajectory for the rest of your life. Your work, who you choose to spend your time with, your romantic choices and how you take care of yourself will set the tone for your 30’s and beyond.

I personally learned that delaying building a family or choosing a romantic partner is not a solid plan and those two things should not be taken lightly. This is a great read for anyone at any stage in their 20's.

3. Freak Show by James St. James

Freak Show is a book that was given to me by a good friend. The writing is hilarious and helps to cover up some of the awful things that happen to the main character, Billy Bloom.

For someone who has struggled with their self-confidence and self-acceptance, this book taught me that self-love will always prevail. There will be people around who will make you think that you are hard to love or be around, but there are so many more that are rooting for you and want you to hold your head high (like me).

Hopefully this series will cut out some deliberation for you and allow you to go straight to the bookstore. Have any books that you would recommend for me? Let me know on here or Instagram!

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