Bigger and Better in Texas

After an awesome Day 1 in Houston, my mom and I were ready for an even better Day 2.


We got up and headed to the famous breakfast/ brunch spot The Breakfast Klub. When we arrived the line was partially wrapped around the building but I didn’t care. I had heard so many good things that I was willing to wait, and luckily my mom was too. Fortunately, the line moved pretty quickly and there was an ice water dispenser for guests that were waiting outside in the heat. Once in, we immediately ordered our food and grabbed a table. The wait for the food was less than 15 minutes and IT WAS GOOD.

My mother ordered the wings & grits and I ordered the french toast. Those wings were cooked perfectly and seasoned like they came out of your grandmother’s kitchen. The french toast was also amazing. Once again, there was no regular sweet tea but I put that aside to enjoy the delicious food.

After brunch we headed to the famous Galleria. I love a shopping mall as much as the next girl, but the Galleria was too much for me. It is by far the largest shopping mall I have ever been to and I didn’t see all of it. It has every store you could ever want or imagine, full-size restaurants and an ice skating rink, just in case you feel the urge.

After trekking around the Galleria, we walked to the shopping plaza across the street. Houston was blazing hot the entire weekend, so we figured some ice cream would do us good. The shopping center had an ice cream shop called Creamistry, which reminded me of a froyo shop. The afternoon heat and brunch tired us out so we headed back to the Airbnb for naps. After the most unfulfilling nap ever, we took an Uber to Rice Univerisity to see the James Turrell Skyspace exhibit

Outside of SkySpace

The exhibit was really cool to see at sunset. The platform lights up different colors and frames the sky very nicely. I would definitely suggest going if you visit Houston. It is free and although they suggest you make a reservation on the website, a lot of people just showed up and sat down.

After SkySpace, we went to eat at a Mexican restaurant that was within walking distance of the AirBnb. It wasn’t extraordinary Mexican food, but it was really good.

Outside of SkySpace at night.

Day 2 in Houston was my favorite. I saw so much more of the city and the culture. I will be posting about my last day, Day 3, next.

Thank you for reading!

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