Media Lit Post #1

With a story like Terence Crutcher’s, everybody will see it differently, especially depending on how certain media platforms decide to cover it. After reading a lot about the shooting, I don’t think that it was handled right at all. Crutcher was unarmed, and even if the officer thought that he was threatening just based on the way that he was acting, she had no way of knowing that he was and he didn’t deserve to be killed.

I read a lot about this, but on CNN specifically, and they didn’t just cover what happened with Terence Crutcher, but also what happened after, with the protesters in the streets that were trying to get the point across that Crutcher didn’t deserve to die. I think that it’s really important that those kinds of things are brought to our attention, because it may be able to open up the public's eyes to what’s really going on. Even though it’s not directly affecting them, there’s a whole movement that I feel like everyone should be able to not only understand and appreciate, but support.

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