Photo by Phil Coffman on Unsplash

Press the Flesh

Digital Marketing is powerful, Social Media is powerful, we use these media every day to help our clients get their story out in front of as many people as possible.

But sometimes the flesh and blood route is the best way to connect, actually meeting people is THE most powerful marketing tool any of us have, shaking someones hand while sharing a glass of wine or a slice of pizza at a corporate event allows us to humanize the process of marketing. And the funny thing is that even though we will inevitably talk about business at some stage of the evening, the real connection comes from sharing stories about our lives, our families and about who we are as people.

Digital Marketing allows us to neatly package up our story for easy and fast consumption, it allows us to quickly scale our following and tribe. But standing beside a swimming pool on a warm summers evening while discussing the night sky and the flavor of that glass of Pinot Noir creates a resonant connection unmatched by any other form of communication.

Get out, Press the Flesh!