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Hello, This is Arche again :) Many people have asked me about Content Box .To be honest I do not like these kind of items but it still interesting. Content Box is Not new but reverse ICO. Let’s see details.

BlockChain Infrastructure for the Digital Contents Industry

Before describing the content box, we should know other company, there is a platform that needs to be explained first. that is called Castbox, which is an audio digital media distribution platform that has already been uploaded to Google Play.

CastBox is a platform that integrates various online radio and online audio related contents such as audio-related education / current affairs / entertainment such as Apple’s iTunes U inside Google trend high market.

The reason why the casting box is described first is that the content box is the reverse ICO of the casting box. The popularity of popular content has begun to escape the reality that users have to use them at a high price only on a large content platform, while relatively small and medium sized platforms have to provide low quality services. Although it is only a task to move a centralized platform that has already been implemented into a block chain, it is becoming more and more popular to use a blockchain sharing a platform recognized by existing established society rather than pioneering a new infrastructure that has not been completely in trend.

The reason for this is that the projects that have ambitiously prepared to open up a new world are not doing well, and they are only staying in the BTC market with frogs in the wells.

CDN and DAG are attracting attention from the end of last year to 2018, and there are many projects that borrow CDN and DAG as a whole this year. However, consensus is not realized through code analysis, There have been some problems with the chains that only mixed the disadvantages of the chain.

From 3Q 2018, it is content boxes that ICO, which shares the limit of the block chain rather than the exaggerated HYPE element, is getting popular.

Although there is a centralized system that has already been commercialized as a castbox, but it is not as popular as it is for a period of time.

However, the decentralized content box is also a project that is highly anticipated whether content democracy will be created against the expensive copyright rights of large audio platforms in the future.

Rating Score

< B(3/4.5) >

Although it is reverse ico, the project doesn’t have a big number of downloads compared to publicity and also even they are using global market,which is Google play but It is considered to be the biggest problem that is activated only in some countries. However I would like to appreciate The fact that the platform that was used in Android was activated in a more public environment and that all users could enjoy audio contents at cheaper price.

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