Hi Kochelorov! Thank you for your compliment!
Felipe Arenales Santos

I’m looking to improve our dev environment. We are using docker extensively both in production and in development. Until now we use ad-hoc scripts build in-house to setup everything: run the containers, link them, etc.

The tooling provided by Docker itself is getting better. We plan to start using docker-machine, once it supports Parallels VM officially (it should come as a plugin in coming v0.5). Also docker-compose looks good, and probably we will start using it.

The main problem with Docker’s tools is these tools are still too low level.

After I read your article, I said “I have to try it”. So I went to azk website, completed the tutorial, read some documentation and realized that in contrast to Docker’s tools azk is too high level. At least in our case.

Don’t get me wrong azk is an amazing tool. I think a lot of people will use it and benefit from it. It is just not a good fit for us.

I really like your manifest file `Azkfile.js`. I clearly see the piece that I’m missing in docker-compose. I also like some other provided functionality.

My main issue with azk is that it tries to replace/hide Docker, rather than enhance/augment it. For example, I would expect azk to be integrated with docker-machine rather than enforce me to use VirtualBox. As a consequence, I as an active user of Docker have to give away too many good things in order to start using azk.

I hope it’s not too impertinent of me to try to tell you what to do. But I really would like to see azk splitted to multiple projects in a similar way the Docker was splitted: project for managing VMs (something similar to docker-machine); project for managing application setups (similar to docker-compose); and finally the azk agent itself. In that way, azk can be easily integrated to support docker-machine and thus to support VMs other than VirtualBox. Additionally, it will allow more seamless “migration” path from Docker-only environment towards environment managed with azk by first encouraging the people to replace docker-compose with `Azkfile.js` and later to start using the azk agent itself.

TL;DR azk is a great tool. But my feeling is that it tries to do too much things.