The best interview I ever had.

At the very least the dude could have sent me a short email letting me know why I didn’t get the job right? After all, the interview went perfectly.

I aced the technical side, made delightful small-talk with 5 different interviewers, and in the end the CTO told me that they would be calling me soon to let me know what would happen next.

Then, the waiting game happened.

I dispatched personal and kindly written thank-yous to all the interviewers the day after and then proceeded to patiently wait the requisite 7 days before politely contacting HR for an update.

“Oh, thanks for following up with me but unfortunately we have decided not to continue your candidacy for the position.”

Wait, what?

That was the end to the most perfect interview I had ever participated in. I was the perfect match in every way: exact skill-set, complete alignment with company culture, and a passion for what the business was trying to do.

In the end the opportunity to pursue this dream job was plucked out of the air in front of me before I even had a chance to contemplate just how great my life could have been.

Once again I had been fooled into allowing the choices of others dictate my potential happiness.

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