10 Quick Tips For Great Marketing

Without marketing there’s no business…

And while I can’t explain the large umbrella of “marketing” in one post,

I can leave you with 10 quick tips that you should keep in mind when creating great marketing!

10 Quick Tips For Great Marketing

1. Before you start, remember that people love to buy, but hate to be sold.

2. Do meticulous and extensive research on your ideal customer or client.

3. This goes with step 2, but you need to specifically find out what your market hates, and avoid it at all costs.

4. Have a specific result oriented end-goal in mind (preferably exact numbers). Real marketing is not just “getting more eyeballs”.

5. Create a system and/or process that automatically curates relationships with your market. (I use a series of platforms and message sequences)

6. Scratch ONE itch at a time. (Solve one problem at a time)

7. Outsource important roles that you are not good at. (copy, tech, paid traffic, etc.) Don’t be a one person show.

8. Collaborate with relevant influencers. (the best way to get credibility to your unknown brand is to have a credible source deem it… as credible)

9. Produce consistent relevant content. (self explanatory)

10. Master at least ONE scalable platform like Facebook’s Advertising Platform (if you want to learn Facebook ADs go download my 7-step guide here)

Cheers to great marketing!

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