An Intense Entrepreneurial Lesson I Learned While Fishing With My Grandpa The Other Day..

I hated fishing as a kid, so this is quite ironic for me to write about.

No… Not because of the fish dying, I just had no patience.

Anyway, what really got me is that sometimes you could stand there for hours and catch NOTHING!

The thought of potential failure paired with the fact that you had to stand there for a while, was enough of a reason for me to hate it.

So I’m sitting here now at 23 years old/young on the beach fishing with my Grandpa (we caught nothing of course)…


I came to a very intense realization.

My Grandpa goes fishing a lot, he’s brought home trophy catches… but he’s also brought home nothing just like we did a few days ago.

Yet, he still goes time and time again.

Aside from his love for fishing… Why does he keep going?

What is the driving reason that actually creates his love for fishing?

It’s the raw fact that knowing he will eventually catch one, and each time he casts and doesn’t… He’s one step closer.

So now think about your business or entrepreneurial venture, how many times have you got nothing?

Maybe you’re reading this and all you’ve got so far… Is nothing.

Don’t be the child version of me.

If you claim to be an entrepreneur you must learn to be an advocate of patience.

Gary Vaynerchuk says it all the time…

“Wanting it too quick will kill you.”

I’ve considered getting that tattooed on my forehead just so I don’t forget.

Look, if you have a product or service then you need to ask yourself this:

“How many people in my market have seen this so far?”

The answer to that question is going to do 1 of these 2 things for you…

  1. Make you realize only like 49 people have saw it, and you need to go work and get it in front of more people.
  2. 49,000 people saw it and it sucks, you need to adjust your offer or understand your market better.

Here’s the crazy thing, if 49,000 people actually see and interact with it, you will still win based on the premise of the “numbers game”.

Just like the fishing theory, you will catch them if you’re willing to persevere through the times you cannot.

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