The #1 Epiphany You Need To Have As An Entrepreneur To Be Successful

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Throughout your journey as an entrepreneur a LOT is going to happen to say the least.

You will inevitably encounter a lot of failure and straight bull$h!t.


There are what I like to call “entrepreneurial epiphanies”.

Entrepreneurial epiphanies can and will happen before, during, and after the various ventures you attempt along the way.

The cool part is this, when you have them you instantly become better and so does your business.

This one I’m about to share with you…?

Let it sink in.

It’s so serious that I can promise if you haven’t had it yet, it’s going to shift your entire perspective.

So what is the #1 epiphany every entrepreneur must have to be successful?

Here it is:

Nobody cares about your product or service, they only care about the unique result or benefit they will receive from it.

Let me briefly elaborate and draw out a quick scenario that is applicable to many businesses.

I’ll use personal trainers/fitness trainers as an example, and let’s say they run individual and group classes.

The website, the logo, the instagram layout, the trainers..etc.

No one cares about that stuff until they like you (aka they’re a client or customer).

How will they start to like you?

By coming to your classes and interacting with your services and environment.

So how do you get them there?

Learn about what they hate and don’t like, and position yourself as someone who yields results completely opposite of that.

You need to get creative.

Everyone wants to be fit, of course that’s a result but it’s not specific enough.

Here’s what specific is…

Girls who want to lose 25–30 pounds and get a nice butt and abs…without the creepy environment that a lot of testosterone filled gyms give off.

So… You position yourselves as the friendly, and respectful experts who have a proven plan to lose 25–30 pounds and the class is only with people exactly like them.

OH yeah I forgot too mention…

This is why it’s SO important to know EXACTLY who your ideal customer or client is and what environment makes them buy..

Like go live with them for a week if you have to, understand them and what they desire.

Know it like the back of your hand.

I really hoped this article helped everyone out.

Cheers and make it a great week!

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