My Start in Digital Marketing

As a recent college graduate, I was faced with many imposing questions on what was next for me and what my future entailed. These questions were similar to the following; What is next for me? Do I get a job? Can I get a job? Do I go back to school? What do I want to do with my life?. Ultimately, it led me to the question “Do I want to take the the Digital Marketing Nanodegree program?”. The answer for this question was more clear to me than any of the other answers I had looked for. I needed to start making small choices everyday that would lead me to my proper place in my career and life.

I had signed up for this program in hopes that it would guide me in answering my other questions that I currently face in regards to my future. I have always been aware that when choosing my future, I needed to make sure my path would still be relevant in the future. For example, I chose my college major, Health Management, on the notion that the health industry would be the fastest growing at that time and currently. I am now choosing to focus my attention on the future of digital marketing. As our society becomes more focused on social media, television, and technology in general, it is clear that digital marketing has become and will continue to be an ever growing field.

Knowing that I would be learning new skills, and gaining real experience with digital marketing, has given me a sense hope and excitement for not only my future, but the future as a whole.