What about Vim has significantly sped up your coding?
Matt MacLeod

thanks for the feedback. I have found that Vim allows me to stay on the home row of the keyboard 99% of the time. it also allows you to easily write custom key mappings that help you do common task by staying on the home row even more. this helps speed things up because, just like it takes time move your hand to the mouse it takes time to move your hand to arrows.

for example I one common thing I would do in sublime is highlight a word and type a new word or paste a new word in place of that word.

the sublime sequence looks like this:

arrow over to the start of the word

hold shift + command + right arrow

command + v to replace the text

in Vim:

if I am already somewhere on the word I can just type c i w, which stands for change in word.

type the new word

if you already have it copied you can do:

e (to move to the begining of the word.

v e p to visually select the word and then paste what you have copied.

This is quite a bit faster.

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