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At Mooniak, we wrapped up all our projects for the year 2017 with a desk calendar design — A product Mooniak has been a part of since its inception in 2015 — for one of our long time clients, LB FInance. In its previous three editions, it featured a colourful set of photographs taken by the employees of the company, following a different theme each year. In this year LB Finance wanted to do something unique and different and the challenge was put in the hands of Mooniak to come up with a new idea for this well received product.

As we were given total freedom to develop a new concept, we started exploring new avenues to come up with the best solution as possible to make it even more meaningful and colourful. …


Kosala Senevirathne

Graphic Designer and Type Designer at mooniak — a multidisciplinary design, art direction and technology studio hailing from Colombo Sri Lanka.

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