Suicide Squad Review

Written by: Kosher

Did you really get the feeling that these guys are bad guys? Oh yes there are spoilers!

The highly anticipated DC/Warner Brothers film Suicide Squad has finally hit theaters with the huge cast of Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Jared Leto, and Viola Davis, just to name a few of the actors and actresses in it. This is the second DC film that came out this year with the first being the infamous Batman vs Superman which was not popular among critics or fans around the world. Coming into this film, DC knew they had to rebuild everyone’s trust but in a very risqué way. They didn’t drop another superhero film. No, DC said let’s give you a Suicide Squad movie where a bunch of bad guys come together to do something good like save the world.

So you maybe asking, where is Batman in all of this? Who knows. What about Wonder Woman? She is a no show. You think Flash is just gonna pop up outta no where and Aquaman is gonna surf up? Nope! Surely, Superman is gonna save the day. Oh wait, if you haven’t seen BVS you don’t know that he is (still) dead. So the government agent Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) decides let’s get some bad guys to save the world- they all live in too right? If anything goes wrong, the government can blame them. If they save the world, they get 10 years off their sentence. These bad guys are already locked up, so this is their chance for a shot at some freedom. The leader of these guys is Will Smith’s character Deadshot who is an assassin that doesn’t miss; followed by Margot Robbie’s character Harley Quinn, Joker’s love interest; then you have Captain Boomerang, Killer Croc, Diablo, Enchantress, Katana, who is Flag’s personal body guard, and CPT Flag, a West Point grad Army officer who Viola Davis’s character places as the head of the squad to watch over them and kill them with a push of a button if they get out of line/escape.

The Suicide Squad really does not have anything to do till Enchantress aka Dr. Jane Monroe aka Flag’s girlfriend takes over Jane’s body and tries to take over the world- just like how every villain wants to do right? She was a god many centuries ago and she wanted the whole world to serve her once again. She isn’t as powerful as she could be though because Amanda Waller is keeping her heart and her brother next to her at all times. Enchantress decides to take over Jane’s body. She teleports away from Flag and ends up at Waller’s house, frees her brother who then creates havoc in the city. Enter now the squad with no background knowledge of why they are teaming up, all they know is that if they do anything to jeopardize the mission they die. If Flag dies, they die. If Waller dies, they die. If they try to escape they die. It is either complete this mission in its entirety or die. Hence the name “Suicide Squad”.

During the mission they end up finding out Flag’s girlfriend is Enchantress, and they all get mad because now the mission seems personal. It is more than just “saving” the world; it is helping Flag get his girlfriend back. The biggest issue with this whole movie is that most of these guys are human not metahuman. How are they gonna go against a metahuman who is a lot more powerful than they are and Diablo which is one of two of the metahumans they do have. the other being Killer Croc has took a vow of peace. While all this is happening, Waller get’s caught and brought to Enchantress while she is cooking up a spell to take over the world. She ends up getting her heart back and now she’s way more powerful. Seeing that they can’t beat her straight up, Diablo drops his vow of peace and goes full force with his pyro abilities and aids Flag’s soldiers into blowing up her brother. Once that is complete they set their sights on Enchantress who basically beats up the whole group. Harley Quinn who sees no hope in winning the fight bows at Enchantress feet to join her, right as she is doing that she takes out a knife and stabs Enchantress in the heart. Flag then throws a dynamite bag to Killer Croc. Killer Croc with his best Aaron Rodgers Hail Mary attempt launches the dynamite bag to this vortex that Enchantress is creating in the middle of the subway lobby that is shooting out straight into space. While he does that Harley Quinn throws a handgun to Deadshot who then shoots the bag right before it goes into the vortex and that explodes into the vortex. Flag gets her heart and ends up crushing her it and Dr. Jane Monroe comes to life from Enchantress’s ashes.

Basically the movie ends here. Post movie clip is Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) meeting Amanda Waller wanting all the top secret info she has on all the meta humans/ villains she knows about. He tells her to shut her operation down and that he can protect her. She then says he needs to stop working nights he looks tired- hinting at the fact that she knows he is Batman. Throughout the movie, there are a couple of interactions between Harley and Deadshot characters which comes from the comics. Joker (Jared Leto) is in the movie and he is trying to get Harley back throughout the whole movie because she gets caught by Batman when Joker crashes his car into the ocean and mysteriously gets away. Joker ends up finally reuniting with her at the end.

This movie was anti climatic, and it felt very safe especially since it had a PG-13 rating. I wish there was less talking and more action. I wish they had fleshed out more characters. It was better than BVS but there still was something missing. All in all I give it a 6.5/7 outta 10. It is a ok movie, border line solid. I am hearing that they are going to start filming a second movie next year and that Jared Leto wants to be apart of the Ben Affleck Batman movie. Jared Leto’s Joker is totally different from any version of the Joker we have seen in the past and has a rockstar look. I personally like his version, but he was only in the movie for about 10 minutes at most. There isn’t much to go on. Maybe Deadshot will have a part in the next Batman too because of his grudge against the Dark Knight who captures him and is the reason he is behind bars in the first place. It wasn’t bad, I just do not think it was that good either. At the end of the day, these guys are bad guys. Flesh out their stories, or show us in the movie why we shouldn’t root for these guys. I didn’t feel like there wasn’t much of a character development to make you not like them. The film presented them like it was already understood these are the bad guys. That is why I think it truly falls short.

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