Undecided Undergraduate

When thinking about my digital story I really want to talk about being an undergraduate and being an indecisive one at that. I have no idea what I want to major in and I always feel lost when talking to other freshman who come to college with their major and goals written on paper ready to be completed. I am always mind blown with freshman knowing so much and being so driven to start their major and get into classes they know they will need for graduation. For the digital story I think I am going to gather information about this topic by really taking advantage of the CLA freshman class and many people in my residence hall. I want to go around and see how many people know their major, why they chose it and how they know thats what they want to do. I also want to address the students who, like me, still have no idea what to major in. I will ask how they think they will figure it out and when they plan to know their major by. When researching this topic I am going to look into things like: how many students change their major and how many times? When does the average college student figure out their major? Do most freshman come into college knowing their major? Coming from a family where I am pushed to attend college I have seen many cousins and family members excel after their college degrees. Being a shy women in a big world I am always nervous that the major I choose I may not be vocal enough for. I have many friends at college who are similar to me. Shy and nervous about the push to choose a major. Keeping in touch with them reassures me that I am not the only one terrified of declaring a major anytime soon. In class I am always so upset when the ice breaker is “Say your name, where you’re from and what you are majoring in” because every time I quietly say, “I’m undecided” and the proffessor always responds, “Well what are you interested in?” and I can’t even say anything but, “I don’t know” because really I don’t know! I always smile when another student says the same thing out of a group of 20 people because I realize they are like me. Taking classes and researching jobs and majors nothing catches my attention and if it does that major will last for a day and then I realize I don’t want to do that anymore either. I always find pros, but always seem to find more cons. My dream would be that I do not need a major and can attend college, graduate and then decide what job I want. Doing this for my project may help me find students that are going through the same problem or maybe went through it and found a way to figure it out. My biggest hope is that I meet someone and they will say their major and I will have an “ah ha” moment and know what I want to do. This journal may also help me discover things that interest me. I never try to spend to much time thinking about the future because I always end up stressed and upset. Maybe writing it out and having a consistent reminder to breath and know its okay to be lost might help me manage my emotions with college.

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