The Greatest Divide of All
Austin Frank

A Very Interesting Comparative, similar symptoms the world over & a Common Phenomenon:

Class Divide i.e. Haves & Have Nots, i.e. Rich & Poor expressing itself and underlying burgeoning expression of be it Brexit or the way the November 2016 Election Progression find itself & it will Not end there.

It’s a Cauldron that is Coming to A Boil… short ‘it’s Not over yet’, the tussle, struggles & imperfections of the Human Civilization the world over, Color, Caste, Religion, No Religion, Rich, Poor, Education, your morals, my morals, your ethics, my ethics, Wall Street, Main Street, Institutions of all hues, Foundations…..Infact Everything is Stewing…. were my thoughts reading this article.

Very well written & expressed.

The Question is should Trump get elected in the November elections as a result of this coming Storm & it’s gathering momentum would the Crown on Trump’s head sit easy?

There is the saying: ‘Uneasy lies the head that wears a Crown’

Relatively speaking which Crown is susceptible to more imbalance over the immediate foreseeable four years: Trump’s Crown or The Clintonian Crown?

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