S-Wallet application is its multi-currency form, which will allow it to support numerous cryptocurrencies.The essence of the S-Wallet application is making financial transactions around the world accessible to users within the framework of a single platform that will boast a high degree of functionality, security, convenience and overall user experience.

Benefits of S-wallet.

✅Full support for popular token standards, including ERC-20, TRC-20, BEP-20 and other standards to make sure that the S-Wallet application acts as a multi-currency repository for virtually all tokens and coins circulating on the market;

-Multilingual interface and competent, highly-trained support for making sure users receive real-time troubleshooting and help with onboarding during registration, use, or any other aspect of application operation;

✅Unlimited debit card top-ups for enhanced connectivity and usability of the S-Wallet application and any tethered bank accounts, promoting penetration of new users into the digital economy;

- The ability to create altcoin gift sets using a time lock

- Loan in USDT / USDC secured by assets in the wallet

- Aggregated liquidity for multi-transactions and commission savings

- Crypto lending platform with unlimited liquidity




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