Higher time thinking

holy shit i just went to the kitchen and got bunch of snacks and literally took my sister’s chips although i know she’s going to go ballistic tomorrow when she finds out because i keep eating all her shit when im high. She doesn’t know that i do it because i’m high and just gets pissed at me for eating her stuff

Anyways, i realized once again why i have this issue. see, i eat so much crap when im high and i feel like shit the next day. of course this doesn’t help with me trying to get in shape. So why do i do it? why do i keep doing it although it doesnt make me happy in the end.

IT’S BECAUSE IT MAKES ME HAPPY AND I LACK HAPPINESS IN MY LIFE. See, I don’t much get happy experience because my life is very dull right now. And because of lack of happiness, when im high i’m more inclined to try to experience happiness by binging on snacks. I think doing it out of enjoyment is perfectly fine but this is telling me that i must find more things to be happy about in life and that will get rid of my need for happiness through snacks when i’m high.

remember this.