Surrounding the self with things of desire

Why does the vision board work?

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

(Pictures are powerful archetypical symbols that communicate directly to the Unconscious mind.)

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”

(This concept also applies to objects, images, and ideas that one is surrounded with. The mind is like a sponge that absorbs whatever is in the environment.

The Conscious mind is analogous to the movie director and the Unconscious mind is analogous to the movie producer. The Conscious mind decides and directs and the Unconscious mind makes things happen as directed by the Conscious mind.

However, the communication between the Conscious mind and the Unconscious mind is trickier than normally expected.

For example, “I don’t like being fat” may seem like the person is telling the Unconscious mind to not be fat. However, the focus is in fatness, which is the message that gets sent to the Unconscious. It isn’t so much about what is wanted or not wanted, but rather to what the attention is directed to, which energy is given.

Irregardless of how much the person doesn’t want to be fat, the mental picture that is constantly created and reinforced by the Conscious mind is one of fatness. Thus the Unconscious mind will do everything in its power to create more of it.

Really though, I think when it comes to this stuff, it isn’t meant to be strenuous. The key is to focus, and then let go. Maybe not even to focus, but rather the ease of acceptance, or allowing.

Taking all of these ideas in consideration, a fat person may look at a picture of a fit body to reprogram the mind. At first, the person will simply say “Oh yes, this is how I want to look.” That is fine, but what may also happen is that the person will compare how he/she is currently to the desired image. Then the person feels bad immediately, and may even say “But I will never look like this.” or “This is going to be really difficult.”

William Bengston teaches rapid imagery training where you run through a bunch of images in your mind. The idea isn’t to focus on the images, but rather to “bypass” the Conscious blockage and directly to the Unconscious mind. That’s where the rapidity comes handy. The Unconscious mind registers everything you see, hear, feel, and experience. So when you are running through the images of your desire so fast to the point where you don’t Consciously block it, meaning you don’t say things like “Oh but I can’t have this or can’t be this.” the Unconscious mind can work with the images given more freely.

In short, surround yourself with the objects of the images of your desire, and look at them as much as you can without building resistance to the possibility of achieving them.