Tommy’s Special Blend Ch. 01

Chapter 01 — BitchesTommy was sitting at his desk pondering the changes that had occurred in his mother and sister’s moods over the last few months. His father had run off with a woman from his work about ten months earlier. Mom, Cindy, had turned into a real bitch right afterward but about a month later she reverted to her normal jovial self. Two months after that his sister, Marla, who was now nineteen, had moved out to live with her boyfriend. Almost immediately, mom was back to her highness, Ms. Bitch, again. This time it went on for four months. Then Marla moved back home after breaking up with her boyfriend and she had been a bitch since her return. Mom’s mood went back to normal almost immediately after Marla came back. This continued until a couple of days after Tommy’s eighteenth birthday and mom’s bitch persona returned. Tommy was nearing the end of his rope living with the two bitchiest people in the world.After looking at the timing, Tommy began exploring possible causes. His dad, Lee, leaving may have been what started it all for mom but the irregularity seemed to be more associated with Marla’s presence or absence than anything. Yet, even that had it’s inconsistencies. In Marla’s case it did coincide pretty well with her boyfriend not being there. Tommy examined the changes in himself and saw very little. Until he had gotten the laptop, mom had been good. He was spending a little more time in his room since then but otherwise he couldn’t really remember any other changes. Maybe they were both depressed or something. He fell asleep still not having found the answer.Tommy was watching TV on Saturday morning when Marla sat next to him on the couch.”Tommy?””Yeah, sis?””I’m doing a study and I need your help.””What kind of study?””Analyzing semen.””Why do you need my help?”Marla handed him a small plastic cup with a screw on lid from the doctor’s office.”I need you to collect a sample for me.”Tommy looked at her, blushing.”You want me to jerk off in a cup?””I need your specimen so I can test it.””What are you testing it for?””Hormones, I suspect. Would you do it for me?””Sis, this is weird. Why me?””Because you’re a guy. Semen only comes from guys.””I knew that, but why me specifically?””I was getting the semen from my boyfriend before but he’s not in the picture now.””Do I have to do it right now? I’m watching a movie.””No, how about around bedtime?””I’ll try. This is strange, Marla.””I know it seems strange but it’s for a good cause.””Okay. Since we seem to be having a good moment can I ask you about something?””Sure.””For about a month after dad left mom was a real bitch. Then she was fine until you moved out when she turned into a bitch again. You came back and she was fine again for a while but since your return you’ve been really hard to live with. Mom was fine until my birthday then she turned bitch again. Any clue what’s going on?””Men, hormones, sex or lack of it, maybe. Who knows?””Marla, it’s getting so bad around here I wish I could leave. Today’s the first time you and I have had a civil conversation since you’ve been home.””I’m hoping that’s going to change very soon.””Yeah, you and me both.””Will you get the specimen for me?””Later this evening.””Just set it on my bathroom counter when you get it.””You don’t want to refrigerate it?””No, it needs to be fresh and still warm.””Okay.””Thanks, Tommy.” Marla stood and left the room.For the rest of the day both Marla and mom were their normal bitchy selves. Not just to him but to each other too. Tommy tried to avoid them both as much as possible. That evening he watched some porn on his laptop, collected the specimen for Marla and set the cup on her bathroom counter. He was glad he didn’t have to hand it to her personally. At least this way it wasn’t quite so embarrassing. Sunday was their traditional day to clean up the house. One of Tommy’s chores was to go around the house and collect the trash from all the trash cans. When he picked up the bag in Marla’s bathroom trash can he saw the empty cup. That ticked him off a bit. He had collected the specimen for her and she had dumped it and thrown the cup away. After dinner that evening Marla came to him with another cup.”Tommy, can you get me another specimen tonight?””What the hell, Sis? You threw the one away I gave you yesterday. I found the cup in the trash can this morning.””I tested it first. The whole specimen was used. All you found in the trash was the empty cup. Please?””How often are you going to want these?””Every day if you can.””You really did test it?””I really did. Will you get one for me every day?””On one condition.””What condition?” she asked hesitantly.”That you try to be less bitchy to me.”Marla was relieved. She was afraid he was going to ask her to start collecting them herself.”I’ll do my best.””Okay, I’ll do it.”Every day for the next couple of weeks he collected her specimen. She had given him a whole case of cups and lids which he kept in his room. He did notice that her bitchiness had pretty well gone after about a week. It wasn’t just toward him but she was back to normal in her dealings with their mom too. One evening after collecting her specimen and dropping it off he went back to his computer and watched some more porn then jacked off again. When he came, he collected the semen into another cup out of habit. He capped the cup and walked into her bathroom. Marla was standing there with the earlier cup open and licking out the last of the contents. Tommy froze where he was, watching in disbelief. When Marla had gotten the last of it she noticed him standing there with his mouth agape. She blushed but didn’t speak.”What the fuck?” he asked.Marla tossed the cup into the trash.”I guess we should talk, huh?””I guess.”They walked into her bedroom and Tommy sat at her desk. Marla pulled up a second chair and sat by him.”Tommy, the testing was for me. At work we treat people with sexual problems sometimes. Several weeks ago we saw a lady that had turned into such a bitch over the last several months that her family insisted she get checked out. After a lot of testing, the doctor diagnosed her as a cum addict. If she doesn’t get her daily dose of cum, she’s a bitch. It made me wonder. When Mike and I were together I was fine. After we split up was when I became a bitch. I decided I would see if what the doctor suggested for her would work for me. I am a lot less bitchy than before.””Yeah, you’re back to normal for about the last week.””I’ve been drinking your cum every time you brought one. I feel better in every way. I’m even able to cum again now when I masturbate.”Marla stood and walked to the bathroom then returned with the fresh cup he had delivered. She opened the cup and poured it into her mouth. Marla swished it around and showed it to Tommy before swallowing it. Tommy got hard the minute the first drop had landed on her tongue.”Damn,” was all he could say. He sat there with his mouth open.”Will that help to motivate you to get me more?””Oh, yeah. I enjoyed watching that.””If it helps you to collect my specimen, you can watch me take it every time.””Deal, how much do you need a day?””One has been working beautifully. The second one today was dessert.””Marla, do you think that’s why mom’s been such a bitch?””Mom got bitchy after I moved out right?””Yeah.””Since it’s about cum, let’s look at that. Did your jacking off change when I left?”Tommy thought for a moment. “Not the frequency but where the cum went did.””How did that change?””When you were here I jacked off in either your bra or panties.””Where’d you cum after I left?””Into a tissue and flushed it.””That’s when mom got bitchy again?””Yeah.””When I came back did you start using my undies again?””Yes, until I got my computer. Then I started watching porn and using a tissue again.””And mom got bitchy again?””Yeah, just like before.””I wonder if mom was getting cum from my panties and bras? I suspect mom and I are both cum addicts. Wanna help me find out?””How?””I’m going to need two cups a day.””I can see it now. Here mom, drink Tommy’s cum. You’ll feel better.” Tommy grinned.Marla laughed. “We might need to be a little more subtle than that.””So how are you going to get her to drink it?””I haven’t worked that out yet but I have an idea to test out next time you bring me a specimen. Can you get me another one tonight? I’ll try it out.””That won’t be a problem.””Okay, go get it and you can help me with the test.”Tommy went to his room. He didn’t need the porn. The visual image of his sister drinking his cum was all the motivation he needed. He returned in just minutes with a fresh specimen. He and Marla went to the kitchen. Marla turned on the Keurig, put the cup in place then added a k-cup. She pushed the button and in just a moment she had a fresh cup of coffee. She emptied the cum into the coffee along with the creamer her mom used and stirred it. Marla smelled the coffee. The aroma of cum was apparent but not overpowering. She tasted the coffee and smiled.”Taste?” She offered the cup to Tommy.”Um, no. I’m not a coffee drinker.”Marla grinned. “Let’s give mom a taste.”They walked to the living room where their mother was watching a movie.”Mom, try this new coffee.”Marla held out the cup to Cindy. She frowned but took it from her. When she brought it to her lips, Tommy got instantly hard again.”I love that. Is this one for me?””All yours mom,” Marla replied. Tommy was speechless. Marla looked at him grinning. Tommy sat across from her to watch her finish the coffee. He put his hands in his lap to try and cover his erection. His mom seemed to savor every sip.”What’s this called?””Tommy’s Special Blend,” Marla replied.”Well, I love it. Does it come in decaf too?””Actually, it does. Want another cup?” Marla asked.”Decaf please.””Tommy, will you make mom a cup of decaf?””Give me a minute. I need to run upstairs and get the ingredients.”Tommy ran up the stairs and a few minutes later returned. He grabbed her cup then went to the kitchen and made her special decaf. He brought it back to her and she took a big whiff of the aroma.”I love this aroma. It’s obviously coffee but there’s something about that aroma I can’t place. You’ll have to show me how to make it.””We’re still perfecting it. When we gets it finalized we’ll show you.””It’s already better than what I’ve been drinking. This is wonderful. Starbucks, eat your heart out.””Glad you like it, mom,” Tommy told her. They sat and watched her enjoy the second cup before she excused herself and went to bed. She already seemed to be in a better mood. When Marla and Tommy were alone they discussed it.”Damn, Tommy. You came four times in just one evening.””Yeah, but I can’t keep up that kind of pace.””I think if we can get two a day we’ll be good. I get up before mom so I’ll make her coffee. She drinks two cups every morning. I’ll put half in each one. That leaves the second load for me.””How long until we know if it’s working?””It took me about a week but I think it’s already working on mom.””What happens if she finds out, sis?””I guess we’ll deal with that when we come to it. We need to pick up a bag of coffee and one of those reusable k-cup thingies. That way she’ll think it actually is the coffee.””I can pick those up at Trader Joe’s tomorrow. They have some less known brands,” Tommy replied.”Any chance you can get another specimen tonight? We need one for tomorrow morning.””I’ll try but I wouldn’t count on it.””When you get it just set the cup in the fridge.””I’ll do my best.”**********On Monday morning Marla was up at her usual time. Everyone else was still in bed. About ten minutes before it was time for her mother to get up she opened the refrigerator to get the cup. She looked everywhere, including the freezer. There was no plastic cup to be found. She went to Tommy’s room and walked in.”Tommy,” she whispered. “Where’s the cup?”He slowly opened his eyes. “I couldn’t get it. I really tried.””Can you get one now? We only have about ten minutes.””I’ll try.”Marla grabbed a cup and knelt beside the bed. Tommy sat up making sure he kept the blanket over his morning wood. He sat there looking at Marla who didn’t appear to be leaving.”You need to leave, sis.””Tommy just get on with it. We need it quick. Maybe if I’m here watching it’ll make it go faster.” Marla unbuttoned her top and held the cup in front of him. She wasn’t showing her entire breasts but enough that Tommy’s motivation was peaked. He moved the blanket and began stroking. Marla’s eyes widened. The last time she’d seen his cock was several years ago when she had accidentally walked in on him.”That’s a nice cock you’ve got there, bro.” She wasn’t kidding. This was the perfect cock as far as Marla was concerned. It was about six inches with a healthy girth. Tommy continued stroking and soon put about six streams into the cup. Marla grinned. There was a bit of cum still on the tip and she used her finger to collect it then put it in her mouth. Marla put the cap on the cup, buttoned her shirt and went downstairs. The first cup was waiting on her mom when she came into the kitchen. Marla had used half the load for her first cup saving the rest for mom’s second.”Marla, did Tommy really come up with this recipe for the coffee?””We sort of came up with it together but I can’t make it without his help.””Well, it’s the best damned coffee I’ve ever had. I may get hooked on it.””You may already be hooked on it,” Marla replied with a sly grin. Cindy’s mood was wonderful that morning. She finished her first cup more quickly than usual and Marla made her second cup. She took that back upstairs with her to drink while getting ready for work. Before leaving she returned to the kitchen.”Any chance for a togo cup? I love that coffee.”Marla looked at the plastic cup. There were just a few drops left. She made another cup but with slightly less creamer and handed it to her mom.”It might be a little weak. We didn’t have much of the secret ingredient.”She tasted the coffee. “Tastes perfect. Thanks.”Her mom left for work and Marla went to her room. When she went into the bathroom there was another cup sitting on the counter. She went to Tommy’s room.”A second one?””That drip you took fired me up, sis. I didn’t have a choice.”Marla smiled, opened the cup and drank it then showed the cum on her tongue before swallowing. Tommy’s hands immediately went to his groin to cover his erection.”You have another one in there?””I do now. Do you have any idea how hot that is?””I’m figuring it out. Can you do it again?””Yeah, not a problem.”Marla knelt beside his bed. “Do it like earlier but shoot it into my mouth instead of the cup. It’s better right from the source.”Tommy didn’t hesitate he began stroking and within minutes erupted into her open mouth. She used her finger again to get the last then after showing him her mouthful she swallowed.”Ummm, delicious. Thanks.””You’re welcome.””We need one tonight for mom’s coffee. Don’t forget. Put it in the fridge this time.””Will you watch me collect it? That makes it a lot easier to get.””Does that make me the assistant barista?””Assistant, yes. You have to collect it yourself to be the barista,” he replied grinning.Marla grinned and left the room.–09–17/druzja_otdyh_puteshestvija_razvlechenija

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