Please welcome Cultural Fit!

To succeed nowadays, companies must attract and keep the top talent. The best way to do so is to provide a working environment where they will be able to realize themselves maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

The days when it was enough to bring XBox to the office are long gone. Nobody buys these so-called perks that only exist to tie people to the workplaces. Top talent doesn’t care if you have ping pong in the office or if you provide free dinners. Damn, they might even prefer to not go to the office at all. They want balanced lives so that they could be productive in the workplace.

I’ve made Cultural Fit to collect corporate culture traits that matter. It’s a collaborative list that everyone can contribute to.

My goal is to demonstrate what employees care about and what they consider bullshit. I believe that it will help companies better understand prospects’ needs and build cultures that will attract the best talent like a magnet. I also hope it will spark healthy discussions about the topic and contribute to a better future

I made it as a submission for the Product Hunt Makers Festival, but I plan to support and evolve it. Besides filling it with more data, I’m going to add profiles so people would be able to showcase their favorite culture traits. I will also add an ability to create company profiles with the list of their perks.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any feedback and don’t hesitate to contribute to Cultural Fit: vote for your favorites, downvote that you don’t like, leave your opinion and add more traits.

Thank you!




Software engineer & entrepreneur 🍄🐑💨

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Sasha Koss

Sasha Koss

Software engineer & entrepreneur 🍄🐑💨

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