Illustration of COVID-19 spread in Europe
Illustration of COVID-19 spread in Europe
Photo by Martin Sanchez on Unsplash, taken from John Hopkin’s Dashboard

Whether you have been unfortunate to have your health hit by the Coronavirus, your mental health is going down the drain due to self-isolation, or your business is in turbulence, it’s hairy out there.

There is a lot of fear and panic right now, and understandably so. The number of infections and deaths are still climbing, and the USA posted the biggest daily case rise of any country yesterday. Harvard Business Review predicts that COVID-19 could induce a global recession. The negative news stories go on and on…

However, what I want to try and offer some potential optimism. Some…

Temple of Apollo at Delhi on which the maxim know thyself was inscribed.

In mid-2017, I had my last severe burnout, amid a personal and professional meltdown I was seriously lost and struggling to make sense of up from down.

The full story of the burnout is not relevant for this post, but what came out of it is. When I eventually made out on the other side, I realised that a lot of my mistakes and downfalls could have been avoided (or at least the impact limited) if I was more self-aware.

Now fast forward three years, I have done a lot of deep personal work to develop more self-awareness. More understanding…

In the last 6 months, we’ve been growing our TravelTech community across both Hong Kong and London to over 4000 people. Without spending a single dollar, we’ve had:

  • 8 events across London and Hong Kong
  • 1,000+ attendees
  • 10+ industry-leading speakers
  • 10+ startups pitching on stage

We have learnt a lot of lessons along the way and we wanted to take a second to reflect and share our most valuable learnings to date.

How it all started?

As a team we are all passionate travellers and explorers, but being geeks at heart we also saw a lot of opportunities for technology to make the travelling…

Kosta Kolev

Startup operator and product guy. Obsessed with growth and personal development. Fitness fanatic and armchair philosopher.

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