BitValve MVP is live!

We at are super excited to inform you that our P2P Cryptocurrency exchange MVP is live already.

Our team, both Web and Android Developers along with the Backend engineers are working hard 24/7 in order to implement all the features that the platform needs.

BitValve will release the beta version of the platform, approximately in 3 weeks.

Our Android engineers are also doing big progress regarding the Android APP, which will serve also as Bitcoin/Litecoin/BitcoinCash/Ethereum Wallet!

Users are free to check out all BitValve Listing offers, such as Buy Bitcoin, Buy Ethereum along with Buy Ethereum with PayPal and Buy Bitcoin with PayPal.

More updates coming soon, so don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Telegram groups!

Written by

Founder & Backend Engineer of BitValve Ltd —

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