Working From Home is Never Worth It
Rosamund Lannin

Some years ago I read the book of 37Signals, Remote. It’s well written and has some likable and catchy phrases like: “the most talented people in the world don’t all leave in one place.” or: “the modern office has become an interruption factory.” and many others. But at the end, when I finished reading I had a bitter taste in my mouth :(

As very accurately, Rosamund, describe: “Vijay can pester me with drop-ins, Caitlin can make her sales calls at an ear-shattering volume…” This is the salt and pepper of the working life, the soul of a team work the culture that we all create in one place!

I completely agree with you, Rosamund. I hate not to go to my working space the mornings, to smell the coffee and the bouquet of team productivity and have a lot of fun with my people.

Well said, Rosamund. Well said :)

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