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Mykonos an Island or a separate country?

Photo by Alex Korolkoff on Unsplash

Mykonos has an enormous and great reputation across the world. Where is it though? Mykonos is a Greek Island and part of the Cyclades. It is located close to the other islands of Tinos, Paros, and Naxos.

Where did its reputation come off? The Island of Winds has been and continues to be compared with Ibiza and other great party places of the world. When someone is hearing for Greece, the next image that they have after Acropolis is Mykonos and Santorini.

When is better to go there? Mykonos is a seasonal Island and you can start traveling there from April to September. Low season is April,May and September which is also the cheapest in order for you to book places to stay but also if you are looking to relax and party less it would be ideal for you. Midseason is June and High season is July and August.

What things can you do in Mykonos apart from it is crazy nightlife? Mykonos Greece has amazing things to do, take a look at the below recommendations.

  • Go sightseeing at Mykonos Windmills
  • Explore the Delos Archaeological Museum
  • Wander around Little Venice
  • Visit the Folklore Museum of Mykonos

How can you get to Mykonos from Athens? In order for you to get yourself into Mykonos, you can choose two ways. Either by boat or Airplane! The boat is a much slower but cheaper option comparing it to an Airplane. You can catch the boat from Piraeus port and buy tickets online, and for the airplane, you can hop in on a taxi and get yourself to Athens International Airport.

What more about Mykonos in Greece? The Island has gained so much reputation because it can really mix those two things, the party and the relaxation. It is a hub of amazing house music but also great food, places like Scorpios mix and matches the perfect combination which is sea, food and amazing view.

So is Mykonos an Island or a separate country? from it is reputation I would say that you can literally suggest that it is a separate country. It is being so popular and year after year gets more and more! If you haven’t visited yet, I would definitely suggest to do it!

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