THE VOID SERIES: Elevating the Wild Rift NA Scene with JAMCo Gaming

2 min readJun 21, 2023

Hello everyone! In this article, I want to share few words about the upcoming NA/LAN Wild Rift Tournament, “The Void Series” organized by JAMCo Gaming . Throughout the article, I discuss the tournament’s details, the passionate people behind it, and their dedication to supporting the Wild Rift NA & LAN community.

The Void Series offers a total prize pool of $3000 USD, making it an enticing opportunity for teams to showcase their talent!

Let’s see how it all unfolds. There will be two qualifiers in July 8–30th and August 6–28th , each with 16 teams. A spot in the playoffs will be awarded to the top 8 teams from each qualifier. Every qualifier will feature a Round Robin format, with a prize pool of $500 USD distributed to the top three teams.

The finals will be held in September, where the qualified teams will compete in Single Elimination brackets, in BO3’s, BO5’s, and BO7’s, where all the teams will be tested on their skill, teamwork, and strategy!

Behind the Scenes

Chantel, Appa, Jat, Maisie and the rest of the JAMCo Gaming team are the driving force behind this tournament. In my conversations with them, it’s clear that they have invested a lot of effort and are truly passionate and dedicated. They are strongly committed to supporting the growth of the NA scene. So, I can only imagine how the organization of the tournament will be and with the love they will treat it!

Supporting the Wild Rift NA + LAN Scene

As I mention “The Void Series” aims to growth the Wild Rift NA scene. JAMCo Gaming acknowledges this, and it’s important for the entire NA community to contribute in any way they can. This can include participating as players or viewers, as well as sharing news about the tournament. In my opinion, for the NA community to thrive, everyone involved needs to recognize the importance of working together towards a stable future step by step.

Get Connected

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The Void Series:

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