First day at VivaHQ

Hi friends,
Big news: I’m headed to Viva Wallet to join the product management team.

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I’m incredibly excited to apply everything I know about product and growth and combine that with an explosive company on a unique trajectory. My new role will head up everything related to creating and launching useful #fintech products that solve painful needs for consumers and forward-thinking businesses. I’m lucky to join the incredible team at Viva Wallet which is beginning to disrupt the financial world as we know it. …

Photo from a post on Lifehacker

Data, analytics, startups and guts…

Time to face it: you’re hallucinating.

We’re all hallucinating; some of us more than others. Entrepreneurs are the most delusional of all.

Entrepreneurs are especially great at lying to themselves. Lying may even be a prerequisite for succeeding as an entrepreneur — at the end of the day, you need to convince and persuade others to believe that something is true despite the lack of good, hard evidence. You need people to believe you and to take a leap of faith with you. As an entrepreneur, you need to live in a semi-delusional state just to survive the inevitable rollercoaster…


We all want a growth hacker on our startup or team, yet we rarely understand exactly what it is that growth hackers do. Other than magically make our product successful, of course.

After reading this resurfaced post from 2014, I found this illustration which summarizes which virtues and skills a growth hacker should/would feature.

The growth hacker

Tribal growth hacking

Over to you

Do you agree with this persona? In my opinion, if that’s true, what do we need product managers for? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

In case you haven’t heard, today is the day Back to the Future was all about. Today is the Future. Generally speaking, I’m an avid fan of new products and this is why I’m addicted to (among others’) Ryan Hoover’s Product Hunt. For this and to celebrate, I’ve decided to put together some products that exist(ish) in the wild and were predicted by the movie.

List of products predicted by “Back to the future”

  1. SLIDE — A hoverboard made by Lexus

2) Rift — The next generation Oculus Rift

Step-by-step guide (with screenshots 😏)

The desperation to find a cover photo lead me to this

After reading Ev Williams’ announcement, about Medium 2.0 and the updates it carried with it, I was psyched to get a “custom domain publication” on Medium. I had already started working on a side-project for sometime now, so I found it would be best if the project got its own blog.

It was raining today and I said why not?

Since I’m using Cloudflare to manage my domain names and since nobody wrote about setting up your blog on Medium using it, I took up the task.

Email to Medium

At first, I sent an email to the folks at Medium, as suggested…

A view and a little narrative.

Irrelevant picture but it reminds of pivoting a little so :)

A friend, software engineer who works at the same building as me in Piraeus, Athens, Greece, asked me yesterday a couple of questions. He’s been implementing and rolling out new projects (mainly related to indie game development) for the past years so he wanted my 2 cents on two things:

  1. When is it the time to Pivot?
  2. Will I need a backup plan while starting up?

He also asked me to share any pivot stories I had from the war. I did.

I started writing my answer in an email but then realized that’s better to make it a blog…

Kostas Xiradakis

Product Manager @ Viva Wallet, Ski, Sailing, Dogs.

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